Collateral first gig as a 6 piece !

Sat, 4th Sept. 2020

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Roger James

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RIP Bernie Torme 18th March 1952 --17th March 2019 
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Gallows Circus 2nd March 2019
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Del Bromham

Larry Miller

Eddie Gordon

 'The Unknown'
Terry & Thijs van Leer

Terry, Danny Bowes & Vicki

          Birte   xx


Terry circa 81 

 'Tommy Smith

Bernie & Damo

Captain Accident & The Disasters

Shaun & Oscar    (Anthrax) 

    'While She Sleeps'

       Live at the Lion

The Love Affair


   Michael Robert "Mick" Green 

(22 February 1944 – 11 January 2010)


Vic ..THE Soundman

Evil Scarecrow

Terry & the brilliant

 Rodney Mathews

Huw Lloyd Langton 1951 - 6th Dec 2012 R.I.P

Nicky Moore & Danny Kyle 

The Enid

Steve Marriott

 Many gifted & charismatic artists/musicians have performed at LEO's over the years....... Marriott stuck out .. Sadly missed !

 Stephen Peter "Steve" Marriott 

(30 January 1947 – 20 April 1991)

Mick Mepham

Die Laughing